How to Color Correct Brassy Blonde with Purple Shampoo

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I recently colored my hair the blondest it has been in a long time (thanks to Madison at Spoke and Weal). I knew the second I dyed it that keeping my hair color a bright light blonde and not yellow or brassy would be a struggle. Luckily for me I knew I had a few key products in my shower that would help me in my quest to battle the brass. Purple Shampoo and few other Color Correct products have been my secret weapons for years to keep my blonde locks in check. Not sure what I’m talking about? Read on to see what you’ve been missing out on.

How to Color Correct Brassy Blonde with Purple Shampoo

Why should I use purple shampoo and/or color correct products?

As anyone who colors their hair knows, over time your hair color can turn yellow or brassy. By using a purple shampoo you can color correct to help combat that brassy or yellowing effect. This will make your hair color stay the exact shade you want for longer, and hopefully save you a few bucks at the salon.

Why will purple shampoo make my blonde hair less brassy? 

Purple is exact opposite of yellow on the color wheel, which is why it cools the gold/brass tones down.

I only have blonde highlights not all over color – do I still need to use purple shampoo?

YES! Even highlights can get brassy over time.

LOREAL everpure sulfate free blonde shampoo and conditioner

I love this set from Loreal because it is sulfate free which is perfect for my fine thin hair. You can get each bottle for $5.99 each, so this is definitely a great option that doesn’t break the bank.  Nothing beats a cost effect way color correct and keep the brassiness at bay!

ORIBE bright blonde shampoo and conditioner

Oribe is the Rolls Royce of the haircare world and they boast some of my all-time favorite products (hello dry texturizing spray). So when I heard about their Bright Blonde shampoo and conditioner, I was super excited to test it out. Full disclosure, these set will cost you a pretty penny, but in my opinion is fully worth it. Their formula is so pigmented that I saw results immediately after my first wash! Since they are on the pricier side, I recommend alternating use with the Loreal Everpure.

DESSANGE california blonde brass color correcting creme

What I love about this Dessange cream is that you can let it sit on your hair to instantly color correct with virtually no damage. This is a great option if your hair is already a bit brittle from color and you want some serious TLC with your brass correction.


LOREAL everpure sulfate free blonde shampoo and conditioner | ORIBE bright blonde shampoo and conditioner | DESSANGE california blonde brass color correcting creme

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