Putting On the Ritz


The first time I ever came to New York City was about 12. My dad and his business partner, who had his own daughter close to my age, decided to plan a trip for four of us around the holidays. We took the company plane, but due to bad weather (a major blizzard was headed right for the city) we had to make not one but two emergency landings. The pilot informed us that this small regional airport in New Jersey was as close as he could get us and we would have to ride the train the rest of the way up. Running late, but making the most of it, when we finally got to the city we rushed straight to Lincoln Center to see the Nutcracker. In the car on the way home I fell asleep with dreams of the ballet dancing in my head. I barely remember waking up once we arrived at the hotel (my dad may have even carried me in), and after the long day of travel I slept hard.

Ritz Carlton Battery Park


I remember waking up in a giant cozy bed, feeling like it was Christmas morning so excited to go out and explore the city. I jumped up and went to the window to survey my surroundings. The serene blanket of snow that covered ground, while picturesque, paled in comparison to the beauty of the city’s most famous landmark. Right there outside my window was the Statue of Liberty. I didn’t know it then, but the Ritz Carlton Battery Park would be responsible for a love affair with New York that would last long past that first snowy weekend.




Needless to say getting to revisit this property as and adult was such a treat and I am so grateful for 5 star treatment they gave us. The staff was so welcoming and knowledgeable not just about the hotel, but the surrounding areas attractions and restaurants. But speaking of food, we stayed on the Club level and I don’t think we ate more than two meals outside the hotel because of it! If you were watching my Insta-Story or Snapchat I’m sure you saw many cameos of the buffet and candy jars:)From the views to the service you really can’t go wrong. I also love staying in Battery Park in particular because I find it to be a lot easier to navigate and get a cab (which let’s face it, is half the battle in NYC).


We snapped this shot outside the hotel just before attending the Bloglovin Awards – thanks again to Rent The Runway for lending me this gorgeous Alexis dress for the night!

While our stay at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park was comped – all opinions remain my own.

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