5 Work from Home Essentials


You don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work
But you gotta put in work, work, work, work, work, work, work
We can work from home*

Working from home is definitely the dream, but just because your not at work doesn’t mean you don’t have to do work. Working from home comes with it’s own set of unique challenges, so today I’m rounding up a few of my favorite products that help get me through the daily grind.

– Strivectin’s Advanced Light Tightening Neck Cream

Being a blogger the ‘Tech Neck’ struggle is very real. So much of my job involves being on my phone. From instagram, to emails, to snapchat, I feel like I’m constantly craning my neck down creating all those lovely little wrinkles lines across my throat. Naturally when I stumbled upon this tightening cream from Strivectin I had to give it a shot. It’s more a of a slow and steady wins the race kind of product, but after several weeks I’m definitely seeing results.

– Tata Harper’s soothing muscle gel

While working from my bed or the couch still beats a cubical in my opinion, I’m still hunched over a laptop up to 8-10 hours a day which completely murders my neck and shoulders. To help de-tense (is that a word?) my muscles I’ve started applying this soothing gel  by Tata Harper at night and in the morning I wake up feeling like a new(ish) woman. It’s basically fancy icy hot that doesn’t burn and smells amazing…I’m addicted.

– Miyu de-stress beauty spray

Working from home usually means that you are your own boss, a simultaneous amazing and stressful fact. When I start to tip over the edge of going from endearingly wound tight to full blown overwhelmed I know it’s time to bust out the spray. It is truly amazing what  aromatherapy and 5 minutes of prayer can do for a girl.

– Nuun energy electrolyte tablet

I don’t drink coffee.
pause for shock and awe
I never developed the taste for it and I was always worried it would stunt my growth. My mom had this thing about how 5’8 was the perfect height and if I drank coffee I would never make it. I also think it’s worth mentioning that she is 5’7. We also were never allowed to have coke in the house. A tradition I begrudgingly keep alive one because I know it’s terrible for you and two because every time I get close to buying a pack I hear my mother’s voice in my head. Hi Mom!
To make a long story longer, most caffeinated beverages are off-limits to me, so if I need an afternoon pick me up I turn to Nuun energy electrolyte tablets. They taste great and are a Portland based company, so they don’t have any icky chemicals or gluten or soy or dairy etc…natch. Does anyone else watch Portlandia? Hilarious.

– Gaia turmeric boost

Being a one woman show is great except that there is no one to fill in for me when I am sick. One of my best tricks to avoid getting rundown is adding Tumeric to EVERYTHING. These little Gaia pouches are the perfect boost and are also super convenient when traveling.


GAIA turmeric boost | TATA HARPER soothing muscle gel | STRIVECTIN advanced light tightening neck cream | MIYU de-stress beauty spray | NUUN energy electrolyte tablet

*RIP 5th Harmony

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