Winter Shower Essentials

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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my current shower line up is so delightful! These icy temperatures are brutal on my skin and hair, drying everything out. Combating this winter weather is a battle on all fronts that definitely begins in the shower.


At the best of times my hair is fine & thin, so at it’s worst isn’t pretty. We’re talking major breakage, and now that I’ve been adding more and more bleach to my color routine it has only gotten worse. During the winter I try to wash my hair as little as possible – 3x a week max. When I do shampoo, I opt for formulas that are going to add moisture like this shea butter shampoo from Philip B. About once every 3 weeks I use a rinse from Unwash to prevent and get rid of any built up product or residue, followed by a hydrating mask (my current favs here & here).


When sudsing up, I try to keep the water temp as low as I can handle – excess heat only pulls moisture out of your skin (and hair for that matter). Right now I am loving this mango butter body wash (the coco & sandalwood is close second – it really is the perfect winter scent), it’s super moisturizing and doesn’t leave my skin with that dry scaly feeling. I also keep a small lotion (obsessed with this le labo rose one I swiped from the Fairmont Hotel) in my shower caddy, so that I can apply to my skin while it’s still a little damp. This helps lock in even more moisture, especially after just shaving.


I recently have started to banish sulfates from all of my bath products, but none as important as my face wash. I cannot tell you what a big difference using oils & gels has made vs. traditional soaps. My favorite right now has to be this perfect cleanse oil from Nude Skincare. I’m also loving their detox fizzy powder wash for when I need a little extra exfoliation (bonus – it smells like vanilla).

PS. I recently picked up this  toothbrush with a built in whitening pen. Keeping my teeth white is never as high on my priority list as it should be and this Colgate brush makes it beyond easy. I literally apply it when I first jump into the shower and by the time I’m done it has done it’s work and dissolved.


SIMPLE HUMAN shower caddyLE LABO rose 31 shower gel & lotion | NUDE SKINCARE perfect cleanse & brightening detox fizzy powder wash | MOLTON BROWN coco & sandalwood body wash | UNWASH.COM anti-residue rinse & hydrating mask | PHILIP B shea butter shampoo | KERASTASE discipline maskeratine | NUBIAN HERITAGE body wash |  COLGATE optic white toothbrush with built in whitening pen

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