The Westin Grand Cayman Hotel Review

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Anytime I get the opportunity to travel with the blog I almost always take it. I love getting to visit new parts of the world and make great friends along the way! Last month, I got to stay at the newly renovated Westin Grand Cayman and it was such an amazing experience. The hotel staff was beyond friendly and the property was so gorgeous, I never wanted to leave! I loved just how many activities they offer from paddle boarding to jet skiing and snorkeling, there was so much to do! If you’re really just looking for some r&r they also have amazing beach side cabanas to lounge in as well as a world class spa.

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review Ashley Aspinwall


As soon as I arrived, I dropped off my bags in my room, got changed and headed down to the beach. I met up with the rest of the influencers in our group and we had an amazing lunch in the cabana and got to hang in the pool/ocean for the rest of the afternoon. PS. how chic are these nest chairs?? It was the perfect little reading nook and I seriously wanted to bring one back to Miami with me.

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review

Westin Grand Cayman Resort ReviewAshley Aspinwall Likely Maxi Dress

This has been my go-to resort dinner outfit for my last three beach vacations. See the full outfit post here.

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review

After our beach day, we had the most amazing dinner in the beach gazebo. I can’t stress enough how friendly all the staff was, they were so accommodating with every request and the food was incredible.

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review


On the second day we had a leisurely morning that started with the most amazing brunch in our beach cabana. I kept thinking the whole time how perfect the Westin would be for a fun girls trip or bachelorette.

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After brunch we headed on a catamaran ride to Stingray City. I am a bit of a scardy-cat when it comes to wildlife. So, I was not necessarily looking forward to getting in the water with a pack of stingrays. I just don’t like animals that you can’t tell what they’re thinking…that’s all I’m saying haha.

Ashley Aspinwall Catamaran

Luckily I mustered up the courage to get in the water and it actually wasn’t as terrifying as I thought. Don’t get me wrong it was still nerve wracking especially when the guide random came up and put one on my back. But I did it for the gram and I think I got some pretty great pictures.

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review Stingray City

Andrea Pion Ashley Aspinwall Scuba Diving Grand Cayman

Tavik One Piece Ashley Aspinwall Blogger

How cute is this one piece? I keep calling it my watermelon swimsuit because of the pink, white, and great color blocking. Tavik always has the cutest suits, I can’t remember the last beach vacay I went on and didn’t bring at least a couple of pieces from their line. FYI, I ordered a size medium because I’m 5’8 and have a very long torso.

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review


How sick was the view from my little balcony? I loved being able to go out there in the morning and enjoy the sunset.

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On the third day we started off with a jet ski // snorkling tour. Sadly I didn’t get any photos, but it was nice to just be in the moment. We worked up quite the appetite after our busy morning, so Andrea and I decided to get some lunch poolside. We literally ordered almost one of everything and had zero regrets. After lunch we headed to the spa and I got one of the best facials I’ve ever had (the caviar age-defying signature facial to be exact). Usually after a facial I look like a crazy gremlin, but that was not the case this time. I literally walked out of the treatment room glowing. It was wild how good my skin looked!

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Camana Bay Grand Cayman

That night we headed into town to the cutest shopping center called Camana Bay. We stopped for drinks at a little wine bar, and then headed to outdoor hibachi. I thought the chef had a personal vendetta against my eyebrows at one point, but the food was amazing.

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I’ve been trying to be better about re-wearing old pieces like this J.Crew dress. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in always having that new new, but there is something to be said for rocking an oldie but a goodie.

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review


Andrea and I got up early on our last day for an early morning beach walk before our last breakfast with the group. I swear the beach at the Westin Grand Cayman has some of the prettiest water I have ever seen! Those turquoise colors are just unreal.

Resort Vacation Outfit Inspiration Ashley Aspinwall

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review

How gorgeous was this wellness breakfast the hotel made for us? Literally every element of the meal had a superfood component. They had vegan, dairy free, gluten free options which I thought was amazing. One of the hardest things about being on vacation is maintaining a healthy diet.The Westin Grand Cayman definitley hit it out of the park with this one.

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review

Westin Grand Cayman Resort Review

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After breakfast we hit the beach one last time and it was glorious. I literally headed to the airport sandy, salty, and with a huge smile on my face.ShopThePost

Black One Piece | Watermelon One Piece (also available here) | Straw Hat | Raffia Clutch | Silk Pajamas | Tortoise Sunglasses | Star Cover Up | Floral Maxi Dress | Wooden Purse

A BIG thank you the Westin Grand Cayman for such an amazing experience. I can’t wait come back!

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