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Hi my name is Ashley and I’m a greeting card junkie. For as far back as I can remember, anytime a holiday, birthday, graduation…tuesday would roll around, my mom and I would head up to our local Papyrus to pick out a card. Well the mission for one card would always inevitably turn into hours of browsing the in aisles.

“OMG come look as this one it’s perfect for Dad!”

“They’re basically engaged already, I should just go ahead and buy this one.”

“Didn’t he convert to Judaism? We should definitely send him this…I mean come on, it has a bagel on it and the inside says Oy Vey. That’s too hilarious.”

“I just found one for you…you can’t look at it till I send it though.”

^^These are all real quotes shared between my mom and I over the years during our Papyrus binges.





My personal favs from the new Fall collection are all of the Sushi cards! They are like little works of art.


In an age of technology, I love the lost art of letter writing. Sending a loved one a card is such a simple, but thoughtful way to connect. So when you add in cute quotes and glitter, these cards are basically like sentimental cat nip! And with the holidays right around the corner…I think it’s just about time for another one of Mom and I’s trips:)


Sushi Roll Trio | Birthday Sushi | Merci Boxed Notes | OMG Ring | Gold Lips | Fractal Floral Small Gift Bag all c/o PAPYRUS

Sweater | Glasses | Lips | Bodysuit

Thank you to Papyrus for sponsoring this post. All opinions remain my own.

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