Day Two: At Sea on the Star Clipper + Trip Itinerary Overview

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For today’s post I want to rewind a bit an explain the purpose behind my trip to Turkey and Greece earlier this month because it wasn’t just any old summer holiday. Watermark Church, where my family attends, along with E3 Ministries and Morning Star Tours organized a trip following the routes of Paul’s Missionary Journeys. Like I said, not your typical trip with the fam to Disney Land.

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Trip Overview via Morning Star Tours website:

Join Todd Wagner & Tom Doyle on a life-transforming journey aboard the Star Clipper following the routes of Paul’s Missionary Journeys! You will immerse yourself in the sights and culture of both Greece and Turkey, while enjoying the beauty and majesty of God’s creation as we sail the Aegean Sea on this amazing clipper ship chartered just for this unique journey.

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Tour Highlights:

  • Exploring the cities to which Paul wrote the books of Ephesians, Philippians, and 1 & 2 Corinthians
  • Sailing across the Aegean Sea aboard a four-mast clipper ship
  • Enjoying uplifting worship and inspiring teaching with an intimate group of believers
  • Experiencing exotic Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire
  • Discovering ancient Athens, the birth place of democracy
  • Touring the Island of Patmos, where John wrote the book of Revelation

SideSmile Style Star Clipper Boat Travel Style-1-2Being that this is a style based blog, while I do share certain aspects of my personal life, I usually keep it centered on fashion and travel related topics like where to get the best avocado toast, what hotel in NYC has the best selfie mirror (which btw is the Waldorf), etc. I jump at any chance to take outfit pictures in front of a gorgeous backdrop, as y’all very well know by now, but this trip was about so much more than that. Getting to travel abroad and learn about history from a Biblical perspective was such a life changing experience and I sincerely hope that you enjoy following along! I plan on posting twice a day for each city – one post to highlight my outfit and another to share scenery and tips / fun facts I picked up along the way.
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The journey thus far:

Day One: Istanbul Part I & Part II

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