A Weekend at the Cove Atlantis Resort


A few months ago on my trip to the Bahamas with Royal Caribbean, I popped by Atlantis while our boat was docked in Nassau for the afternoon. I immediately made a mental note. I had to come back to fully experience this resort as soon as possible. So when Chase approached me to experience a weekend at The Cove Atlantis as a part of their Marriott Rewards Program I literally jumped! I also got to bring one of my best friends, Adrienne, along for the ride which was so nice! I haven’t gotten to see her very much over the past few months since I moved from Dallas. Getting to spend some quality time together in such a beautiful setting was amazing.

Friday – Day One

We flew JetBlue from FLL to Nassau which for all intents and purposes was pretty easy. Both of our flights were under $200 RT which is a pretty good deal in my opinion. Also, I want to mention that you can easily find affordable transportation from the airport. Don’t hire a car service, they will price gauge you.  Just haggle with a Taxi Driver, you will be fine. Alphonso, drove a hard bargain, but he was great and I highly recommend him. Although, if you are planning on going after April you will have to find services elsewhere because he is starting a restaurant in Memphis : )

We missed out of the first night’s festivities, due to a delayed flight. But we made the best of it and opted for the Mosaic buffet restaurant at the Cove. The beyond friendly waitstaff set a great tone for the first night. Plus our room was GORGEOUS, so that definitely improved our moods as well.

Saturday – Day Two

First thing in the morning it was straight to the Mandara Spa for their signature four-handed massage (full review coming soon). Feeling sufficiently relaxed, we headed directly to The Cove’s adults only pool. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids. However, it was so nice to have a respite away from the floaties and madness. Adrienne and I both forgot to bring down our books, but lucky for us we had more than enough poolside entertainment. There was a huge bachelorette party in the center cabana of the pool and it was so much fun to watch. By the end of the day they had made friends with pretty much the entire pool.

Anytime it got a little too toasty, we headed straight for the Rapid River.  It’s basically an enhanced lazy river with slides and rapids. I have to note that all of the pools and grounds at Atlantis are SPOTLESS. Hurricane Harbor this is NOT. I usually get a little irked getting into public water especially with so many kids around. But I felt completely at ease the entire time… Except for when we “accidentally” got into the line for the “big drop” slide, haha.

Saturday night was one for the books. We started off with a live demonstration from Chef Amanda Freitag of Chopped fame, followed by a seated dinner. The menu consisted of an abundance of Caribbean inspired courses. I’m not a huge seafood person, but I liked way more than I thought I would! I honestly didn’t know much about her going into this trip, but I am walking away a HUGE fan. She is as humble as she is talented and that’s saying something. You always hear about chef’s having such huge egos but she was entirely personable and such a delight to talk to. I was thrilled to get a copy of her book, The Chef Next Door. Hopefully I find a recipe I don’t botch too badly.

After dinner we headed to the casino to try our luck at the slots, I won $19.60 and promptly walked away very pleased with myself. We had a nightcap at Olives and then headed back to the room to catch lifetime’s Britney Spears biopic before bed. It was the worst AND the best all at once.

Sunday – Day Three

Sunday morning began with a continental style breakfast at the The Dig, part of the Marine Habitat, which was massive and mesmerizing. Then it was straight back to the pool until we had to pack up to head for the airport. The only thing we didn’t get to do was check out the Fish Fry at Arawak Cay, which I was pretty sad about, but I really wanted to spend as much time at the resort as possible this trip.

And just like that, it was over. I LOVED getting to stay at the Cove Atlantis and definitely think if you don’t have kids it is the way to go.



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Our room was amazing with a beautiful view of The Cove pool and the ocean. Even with the door closed, the waves still lulled us to sleep each night.

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Thank you again to Chase, Marriott Rewards, and Atlantis for your hospitality and sending me on this trip!

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