Day Three: Phillipi, Greece Part II

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We started the day with a sermon from Todd on the banks of a river where Lydia (the first recorded convert to Christianity) was baptized by Paul.* For me, this was the moment of the trip where everything clicked the Bible really started to come alive. The fact that we were able to come to this place, take communion, and see first hand where what Paul was writing about was unreal.

*Acts 16:14-15

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Next we visited the ancient ruins of the city, some of which are still being excavated. The two sites that stood out to me the most were the prison* and what is believed to be the first known Christian church.

*Acts 16:16-40

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There were poppies growing literally everywhere throughout the ruins.

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Caught these two being precious.

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Not going to lie, after climbing to the top of the theater I realized what terrible shape I am in! I didn’t get a shot of this, but as we were leaving there was a group of school children and their teacher rehearsing for some sort of recital. Hearing their voices float through the middle of these ruins was such a cool moment.

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My trusty Rebecca Minkoff backpack & pom pom sweater accompanied me nearly every day of the trip. See my full outfit details here.

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