7 Tips for Easier Travel


When you travel as much as I do, you can’t help but pick up a few tips to make your trips easier along the way. So today I’m sharing a few of my favorite travel tricks:

  1. Always book your plane flights on Tuesday afternoons. A good friend of mine works for an airline, and she swears by this trick for getting significantly discounted airfares! Also the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. I usually find the best deals on Priceline.
  2. I always ALWAYS pack a change of clothes in my carry on, or at least an extra pair of underpants and a tooth-brush. You never know when your luggage may get lost. *Thats why I recently upgraded to this Raden suitcase that has a built in location tracker, it also weighs itself and charges your phone!
  3. If you are going abroad, always leave a photo copy of your passport & itinerary with your emergency contact person. Life happens and I always like to be better safe than sorry.
  4. If you are trying to travel light, on a budget, or over packed and didn’t leave room for souvenirs, I recommend keeping matchbox from each restaurant you visit. This is such an easy, and not to mention free, way to come home with some memorabilia from your trip. I keep all of mine in a cute little dish on my bar cart.
  5. No one likes to deal with chipped nails during a holiday, so I always make sure to bring a long-wear nail polish like CND Vinylux.
  6. Pack a first aid kit: Tylenol, Tums, Band aids, etc. Navigating foreign pharmacies can be a linguistic nightmare, and I’ve never regretted having brought along some Advil for that inevitable hangover from too much wine, or some Pepto after I’ve eaten too much pasta. I love all these different options from Pinch Provisions.
  7. Use a sample size perfume that you’ve never worn before during the trip. That way whenever you smell it throughout the years, it will always trigger memories of that particular vacation.

Suitcase | Nail Polish | Perfume | Camera | First Aid Kit | Backpack

Video by Luccia Lowenthal for SideSmile Style

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